'Role of MSME in Innovation and Disruptive Technologies'


One of India’s fundamental goals is to foster a dynamic micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector.

MSME sector has emerged as a very important sector of the Indian economy, contributing significantly to employment generation, innovation, exports and inclusive growth of the economy. India has 63.3 million MSMEs, which contribute one third of the country’s total GDP. After agriculture, the MSME sector is the largest employer of Indians across the country and constitutes92 % of retail market by value (2016), in spite being the backbone of Indian industry and help in creating jobs. However, they continue to face several hurdles because of informal and unorganised supply chains. These factors result in well-documented Report of the Expert Committee on MSME by the RBI 2019 which highlight the gaps in credit demand and supply, and throttle the growth of MSMEs https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/PublicationReportDetails.aspx?UrlPage=&ID=924

Systemic remedies are challenging to design and implement in fragmented ecosystems. But new developments in the digital economy present transformative opportunities for Indian MSMEs. A combination of decentralised financial inclusion, digital payments adoption and incentives for innovation can liberate new channels of credit for these enterprises. Additionally, infrastructure upgradation, technological integration and, most importantly, the removal of regulatory hurdles are imperative to unleash the potential of India’s MSMEs to contribute to the government objective in building a 5 Trillion Dollar economy by 2025.
The Digital Users Group has set up High Level Committee will chart out a vision statement and roadmap of activities as its initiative.
Vision Statement:

To act as catalyst in Economic, Technical and commercial growth of SME and MSME sector of India, to promote technical innovation , to arrange funding for new innovations , ensure just and justified treatment by Govt and other policy makers and regulators, to put SME & MSME on accelerated trajectory of Export with aim to contribute to healthy GDP growth of India.


  1. Capacity building by Educating in latest technologies.
  2. To do research and produce papers/ information on technology, Market potential ( Within India and abroad).
  3. To act as pressure group to get policies and financial aid from Govt.
  4. To ensure justified and reasonable treatment to member organisations by regular interactions with Policy makers in all govt departments.
  5. To arrange interactions with foriegn delegations, Govt representatives of other countries for sustainment of existing markets and expansion of the same.
  6. To Organise Seminars and workshops to ensure healthy relations between Suppliers, peers organisations and consumers
  7. To suggest and recommend in budgets of State and Central Govt on yearly basis.